workforce strategy

Organizational Assessment

The world is constantly changing and Organizations are struggling to keep up. We assist in identifying an Organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and use industry best practices to recommend organizational changes that foster a modernized workforce and ensure optimal performance at every level of the business.

Human Capital Strategy

A comprehensive Human Capital Strategy addresses the need for an Organization to accurately measure and improve human productivity and profitability. Centennial Technologies helps our clients fine tune their Business Strategies and Goals to maximize the benefits they achieve from their people. When we develop a Human Capital Strategy, we focus on the 7 factors that have the greatest impact upon the effectiveness of Human Capital.

Change Management

Our change management approach analyses the current state of the organization and leverages its strengths to optimize its future state. Centennial creates a tailored plan to implement the organizational changes and trains the staff to effectively execute the change.

Leadership Development

Every Organization needs effective leadership to be successful. Centennial provides training that helps leaders effectively implement new strategies, drives lasting performance, and adapt to an ever changing world. We tailor our development services to the specific needs of your business and teach your leaders how to use their strengths to accelerate their professional development.

Strategic Planning Support

We work closely with your leaders to identify and develop a Vision Statement for the Organization. Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment that establishes a common understanding of your priorities and helps you build a strategy that promotes a unified purpose across your Organization and achieves your Vision.

Performance Metrics

Centennial Technologies translates our clients’ strategic objectives into Performance Metrics they can use to measure their progress and make data-driven decisions that bring greater efficiencies and effectiveness. To ensure success across the organization we develop a Balanced Scorecard that evaluates multiple aspects of the business and display the results on a Management Dashboard that is easy to understand and helps managers take the right actions to achieve their goals.

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