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In today’s complex and volatile global economy, the role of the CFO has changed. Conventionally, the CFO managed risk, ensured regulatory compliance and strived to maximize profit. Volatility in macroeconomics has expanded the role into areas well beyond financial risk management and planning. For the office of the CFO, this means creating insights from the increasing volumes of data flowing across the enterprise. It means addressing stakeholders’ growing demand for access to the right information at the right time to make the right decisions – creating the need for agile information technologies and techniques. In addition to safeguarding the fiduciary well-being of the organization, the CFO now commonly serves as the CEO in a greater advisory capacity, participates in strategic planning and takes greater control of procurement duties. These changes call for a flexible, transparent finance model that makes it easier to respond to stakeholders, minimize risk, capitalize on growth opportunities and achieve tangible results quickly and with a greater degree of certainty.

Centennial helps clients strategize and design new, global operating models that integrate front and back office activities across multiple processes and functions into meaningful end to end services that are focused on achieving business outcomes. Our offerings include:

Finance Transformation Services

Identifying and executing strategies to reduce functional and operational complexity within finance across the people, process and technology, to deliver efficient and high-quality services.

Finance Delivery Services

Aligning skills and competencies with the organization’s strategy and stakeholder needs, and consolidating low-value finance processes to reduce costs, increase quality, and improve consistency and productivity. Establishing Finance as a proactive, strategic business partner providing internal and external customers with value-adding, cost-effective services.


Qualitative and quantitative assessment to provide an understanding of how an organization or function performs compared with its peers; Translation of the benchmarking results into prioritized and quantified improvement opportunities and relevant improvement targets.

Performance Management

Translating strategy into sustainable performance through planning, budgeting, reporting and analytical solutions to provide accurate and timely business performance information.

Our Finance and Accounting (F&A) offering leverages industry know-how and proven best practices. Our breadth of engagements, with experiences across multiple industries, enables us to deliver quality business outcomes and operational efficiencies that accelerate your F&A transformation. You’ll increase payment accuracy, accelerate revenue cycles and gain faster access to information. We provide services across the entire F&A value chain. We offer a robust business process services platform for the F&A function. Our F&A Center of Excellence offers solutions in procure-to-pay, order-to-cash and record-to-report to minimize back office delays and missed opportunities.

Financial Management and Reporting

Centennial Improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your enterprise finance function by leveraging its expertise in Finance and Reporting domain. Our consultants help organizations simplify, optimize and transform finance and reporting function with established and robust financial controls. Our services include:

  • Provide consulting and advisory services across all phases, from conceptualization to execution and delivery
  • Compliance with OMB and other federal laws, regulations, and policies
  • Financial Statement Compilations and Analysis
  • Policy and Procedures Development
  • Improper Payment Reviews
  • Assessments, gap analysis, benchmark studies

Internal Controls and Risk Management

Centennial provides qualified and skilled staff to support financial business units to ensure reliable internal control program. We help customers in developing and maintaining internal control activities that comply with the following: Control Environment, Risk Assessment, Control Activities, Information and Communications, and Monitoring.

Our services include:

  • Financial and Operational Controls (Design, Assess and Test Controls).
  • A-123 Assessments and Audit Support.
  • Benchmarking and Performance Management.
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – Fraud Risk Management.

Business Process Management or Process Reengineering

Whether you need to develop a new process or re-engineer an existing one, Centennial’s skilled process engineers can help you analyze the current state, define your vision, benchmarking, model the future state, and develop a strategic roadmap that will get you there. Centennial’s business process management team specializes in process evaluation, identifying improvement opportunities, and implementing solutions to maximize organizational effectiveness. Our process engineers specialize in improving processes through industry-leading tools and methodologies, including Six Sigma and LEAN. We offer training and strategic guidance on process improvement, assessments to improve efficiency and cut costs, and solutions to maximize effectiveness.

When you invest in new technologies and processes, it’s vital that employees attain full productivity in the new environment as soon as possible. Centennial will help you manage the way your people adjust to change and quickly become productive in the post-change environment. Our holistic approach to change helps ensure that all stakeholders – from executive leadership to employees in the field – have the tools and information they need to make your project a success. Our Organizational Change Management solutions integrate change throughout your organization so it becomes part of the culture and is sustainable long-term.

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