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As security threats become more sophisticated, IT organizations must move from pure compliance to proactive defense and value-creation. Centennial Cyber Security Solutions professionals leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to help protect against threats, minimize risks and enable the adoption of new technologies that promote growth.

Centennial Technologies can help organizations maximize the business value of enterprise security to achieve high performance. Our Security services stand apart. We have significant experience helping corporations and governments use security to both defend the enterprise against malicious threats and enable the enterprise to operate new business processes while maintaining acceptable levels of risk.

We offer a broad range of information security services from strategy through design, build and deployment to the run and operations of security. We help clients make better decisions and align risk on several fronts:

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach—close collaboration with our clients and our technology partners. We work side by side with a client to identify the holistic set of requirements relevant to the client’s business and regulatory environment, in order to define a solution that delivers an appropriate ROI.
We offer a full spectrum of security capabilities including our three core solutions:

We understand the intense pressure and urgency clients face when they experience a serious security breach. We have worked closely with several clients following a security incident to block their immediate vulnerabilities and implement a longer term program to improve overall security resilience.