Careers Working at Centennial Technologies

Balancing Career and Personal Life

At Centennial Technologies, we understand that there needs to be a healthy buffer between the workplace and our personal lives. We have fostered an environment that enables employees to effectively prioritize both their professional and personal responsibilities.

We make every effort to accommodate employees by providing flexible paid time off, a casual work atmosphere, frequent collaborative interaction, and the opportunity to continuously develop career skills.

Centennial Technologies employees are always at the center of our success. To show appreciation, Centennial Technologies offers a flexible, attractive benefits package geared towards the unique needs of our employees.

Centennial Technologies Core Values and Vision

Centennial Technologies core values include professionalism, focus, integrity, trust, innovativeness, and excellence. By adhering to these principles, our vision is to maintain Centennial Technologies trusted reputation as a top value-added technology integrator in the industry.

Key aspects of Centennial Technologies culture:

  • An atmosphere where employees can achieve balance between their personal and professional lives
  • Performance-based organization that emphasizes Performance Management and rewards our highest performers
  • Annual employee opinion survey which supports management decisions
  • Paid training on latest technologies and business practices
  • Entrepreneurial innovation in every organizational role
  • Approach all corporate decisions with the best interest of employees in mind
  • Shared vision of client success
  • Strive for long-term client relationships