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Information is one of your most valuable business assets. Effective management and interpretation of data can set your organization apart. Centennial Technologies BI solutions address the whole information lifecycle to ensure your organization obtains real business value from its data resources. As companies demand advanced BI and analytical solutions to enable and, in many cases, automate their decision-making, we help them leverage information as an asset. Enhancing business performance while improving value-to-cost ratio, Centennial Technologies Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence & Performance Management team has helped several clients develop the frameworks needed to implement new strategies and steer businesses toward greater efficiency and better performance. They’ve entrusted us to help them make more informed, strategic business decisions for the Future of Work—decisions that can boost sales, improve customer service and, ultimately, increase market share.

The ability to collect and analyze internal and external data can dictate how well an organization can generate knowledge and ultimately value. Centennial Technologies offers a comprehensive set of BI solution and services to help clients harness structured data to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service.

Centennial Technologies brings together a deep understanding of the business and technology dimensions of an organization to harness information to improve decision-making, financial management, regulatory compliance and customer service. Our suite of information strategy, data warehousing, data mining and information analytics services measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise. Business intelligence can help organizations transform data into insight and achieve higher levels of performance by:

Integrating best of breed technology from leading software vendors and alliance partners, Centennial Technologies can offer a comprehensive set of services designed to help clients measure, analyze and optimize business performance across the entire enterprise in order to improve decision making, regulatory compliance, financial management and customer service.

Centennial Technologies BI services include:

Centennial technologies helps clients coalesce business intelligence, business process management, enterprise data management, integration and knowledge management/enterprise content management initiatives, thus driving down the cost of IT and providing the agility to address changing business and regulatory requirements. Our collaborative approach enables us to unravel overly complex methods, processes and IT in order to streamline and enhance your enterprise performance management.

We understand that accurate and usable metrics based on business information are the foundation of good decision making. Our approach involves collaborating with you to create a consistent framework for making business decisions with confidence by offering both business and technology perspectives. Our dedicated financial transformation team has a powerful mix of line management experience and professional services capabilities. Sophisticated modelers in our operational Research team are capable of analyzing and modeling even the most challenging business and sector dynamics.

Business Analytics is the solution that turns the promise of big data into a source of practical, continuing insights to improve organizational performance. Implementing business analytics to capitalize on big data requires the engagement of every part of your organization. Changes in IT must be matched by organizational change because you won't get value from what you learn about your business if you aren't structured to take advantage of it. That approach should include:

Centennial Business Analytics Implementation service will guide you through the business change you need to successfully implement analytics for big data. Wherever you are in your use of business analytics and big data, we can help your business and IT department lead your company to a higher level of sophistication in the use of data-based insights.